I didn’t walk here,

I ran.

I was born into misery;

Heartache and sorrow.

Amidst hope;

Courage and faith.

You know and I know

That we were lied to;

Sabotaged, plotted to abuse,

Robbed and murdered.

In the name divinity

Brotherhood, holy;

Sanity was misplaced

Replaced by brutality.

Masses died, and they dug

Mass graves and sung

Prays, to fool you and I

To believe they cared.

Under the covers;

In dark shadows;

Beyond the pale;

They moved callously.

So people ran,

We hid scared.

Courage and bravery

They imprisoned, killed dead.

So this land

You and I shared,

By birth left us

Wanderers; strangers;

Displaced immigrants,

Scared and wary of shadows

Their immoral steps

Left imprinted on the past.

I ran


But you and I know

Tyranny never lasts.     


The Cherry Tree

He carved his name;

Game of lovers;

Then hers,

With a heart and arrow.

They kissed;

And laughed;

And sang

Old songs.

They would return

Every day to kiss

That summer

Sky; the wind; them and me.

My shade they loved.

He with his straw hat;

She with her polka dot dress;

Me and the birds witness.

The winds changed;

Beneath my yellowing leaves

They said goodbye

And kissed forever last.

Past time has,

With regrets.

Returned they have not;

No more have I been caressed.

And in the cool of the summer

I sit waiting at dawn,

Remembering those two

Who spelt out love.