The Flight


I take a deep breath;

The air fills my lungs

Until I am lifted high.

My feet off the ground.


My head tilts back;

With my eyes closed.

I feel the winds in my hair;

I can feel tears roll down my cheeks.


Drop by drop the tears drop

I look down to see them as a river

Which I follow until they make a sea;

Then an ocean with wave after wave taking over.


The Earth disappears beneath my feet

And the blue makes up what used to be my world

With me rising higher and higher into the sky

Where the clouds gather to witness my flight.


I finally break the Earth’s atmosphere

And head to the stars flickering far away.

Millions of light years pass, I grow old,

Yet your memories persist and linger deep within my soul.


And one day;

At the edge of universe;

In the only dimension that matters;

Where time stops;


I find you again

And my heart soars.




You make my heart skip a beat.

I cannot distance myself.

I cannot ignore you.

Live without you I cannot.


I dream of you and me,

And I dream wholeheartedly

And honestly

And humbly.


I cannot take my eyes off you

When you are here;

And when you are not, well,

Then all I can do is to close my eyes.


I need you,

Like the rose needs sunlight,

Like maple needs rain,

Like wine needs air.


I search for you

In the crimson of dusk,

In the flicker of candlelight,

In the reflection of morning dew.


People pass me by,

Yet you are who I’m looking for,

And will always look for.

And will always.


No one knows

That I gave my heart to the stars

So that you may see it in winter nights;

That I told the wind I love thee,

So that you may hear it in whispers of spring;

That I wrote our name on an ancient tree,


So that maybe our memory persists forever more.


Songs of spring


I waited like I said I would.

I offered my heart to no other,

Even though loneliness gnawed at my flesh.


I lit a candle every night

And watched the butterfly of my hope

Dance and dance and dance.


The mornings weren’t a new start.

I dove deeper into the abyss.

I dove deeper into the darkness.


Smoke filled my lungs.

Smoke filled my room.

Smoked filled my vision.


Line after line

The pen wrote my life

On the pebbles of starlit river of solitude.


I am one with the universe

The earth holds my heartstrings,

And the gardens your secret kindness.


I am lost in an ocean of cruelty

I am lost in my madness

Waiting for the songs of spring.


I’ve heard the eternal violinist

And he is playing our song.


I’ve lit another candle,

Wishing for cherry blossoms.



Parvaneh Sho


Oh my dear, where are you now?

Do you think of me when you’re alone?

Before dreams takes you over

Do you fanaticise about me and you?


Do you remember that town?

The room so small;

The bed even smaller;

Our bodies in contact all night?


The songs on the radio?

The smell of jasmine?

The fireworks over the beach?

The sunrise warming our souls?


I no longer care what people believe.

I no longer care if there is a god.

I no longer care whether we are doomed.

Because I stand here doomed.


Take me back to the past,

I want to live it again and again.

I want to right the wrongs

I want a second chance.


I wouldn’t argue anymore.

I wouldn’t disagree.

I wouldn’t betray your trust.

I wouldn’t betray myself.


Alas here I stand

In this time I’m lost.

Life doesn’t give us second chances

I know.


The future holds remorse,

I wish it wasn’t so.

Happiness has escaped my grasp,

I wish it wasn’t so.


I’m gray now my darling,

Wishing I was sunlight.

The room so small,

Even smaller without you.

I feel sick.
My head spins,
And my stomach turns
Until my eyes role back.
It must be the smoke,
Which filled my insides,
Raising me off my feet
Until I’m engulfed by the storms.
I feel cold
Yet I’m sweating
Which starts drowning me
Drop by drop until my last breath.
I fall.
Lying on a magic carpet
I see lands
Disappear beneath.
The starry night
Is my guide,
And my destination,
My past and present.
Darkness no longer scares me,
I welcome it,
I befriend it,
I crave it.
Winds sing for me;
A ballad for the broken.
I won’t be lost no more
As I have no home.
‘I’m leaving you’ she said,
So now I have to leave.
I won’t come back
She doesn’t need me.
And when you ask for me
Know this:
I left my heart here for you
Dear pilgrim.   



Each to their own!

Has crueller sentiment ever expressed?

Heaven falls

And I don’t feel the earth shake.

I feel the winds on my cold face

Chilling me to the bone.


I search for a glimmer of hope

In the distance whilst the sun sets.

I look for my reflection in the pool of my dreams

And all I see is blackness engulfing me.

A tear falls from my eyes

And disappears in dark dead waters.


I’m set in my ways;

Clinching the ground

Like an ancient tree

Taking roots

Further down

To the heart of broken earth.


The clouds gather

To witness my struggles

To become free of myself

To fly again

To escape my destiny

O’ to escape.


Death stretched its bony fingers

And touches my shoulder

And I turn to stone

Yet my heart beats within

Like a lit coal

In the eternal burner of life.


The burning fire of hope is still there

My dear, don’t let it die again my dear.