Taymaz Valley, BA, PGdip, MA,

+44 (0) 7956 671 477
001 514 691 6184

London & Montreal 



Education:                   MA in Art History from University of Toronto (Currently)

                                    MA in History of Art from Birkbeck College, University of London

                                    PGdip in History of Art from University of East Anglia

BA in Music Management and Marketing from Buckinghamshire University

A-Levels in Mathematics, Chemistry and Biology from Abbey College Cambridge

Experience:                 Montreal Art Centre Social Media
                                    Writer for Forget the Box Magazine
                                    Galerie d'Arts Contemporains.
                                    Atelier East Press Officer and Exhibition Organiser
                                    Assistance Curator for Total Image Nation
                                    Summer Exhibition Rejects Curator, London
                                    Sales Assistance for Art Direct London
                                    Part Time Administration assistance at Amical Veterinary Centre, March, UK

                                    British Gas Sales Adviser, Peterborough, UK 

                                    Volunteer at Whipps Cross Hospital, UK


Research:                   Berthe Morisot and the Women Impressionists

                                    Manet’s Olympia

                                    Fashion and Photography

                                    Surrealism and Mirrors

                                    Internet Television an Emerging Phenomenon


Publications and        BBC MyWorld, Strand and Radio 5
Broadcasts:                Lamp and Owl: Arts and Culture
                                    Ligh Cube Video

                                    Concrete Newspaper: Creative Writing

                                    Creature Magazine: Short Stories

                                    Tailspin Magazine: Poetry, Photography and Art

                                    Fenland Citizen: Culture and Life

                                    Garden Life: Poetry


Awards:                      Atelier East Summer Exhibition: Best in Show 2009


Skills:                          Microsoft Office

                                    Critical Thinking AS level

                                    Basic Software Programming AS Level

                                    Photoshop and Movie Editing

                                    Fluent in English and Farsi.
                                    Basic Website Creating
                                    Management and Marketing


Past Art                     Atelier East 2012
Exhibitions:               Atelier East Summer Exhibition 2011
                                   Artsdepot Open 2011
                                   La Boutique Expression. 1441 Rue Guy, Montreal
                                   Artsdepot Open 2010
                                   India Inspired Exhibition 2010
                                   Freedom Sparks, Visual Voice Gallery Montreal
                                   Summer Exhibition Rejects 2010
                                   Atelier East Summer Exhibition 2009
                                   Barnet Open London 2008
                                   UEA Student Exhibition 2008
                                   Artsdepot London 2007


Personal Statement:

My interest in the creative world started when I was asked to produce a piece for our GCSE class, and the attraction of creativity has stayed with me ever since. To this day, I create Paintings, Installations and Sculptures, some of which have been exhibited by a number of Galleries in around the world. My studies at UEA and Birkbeck College have helped me grow as a student, gain insight into the art world, and have also helped my creative ambition find new horizons.

I have organised, promoted and marketed the Summer Exhibition Rejects which aims to give artists who have been rejected by the art establishment a second chance. I was the curator for Total Image Nation and Atelier East and have organised Exhibitions all over UK. I have used my Management and Marketing skills obtained from my degrees to make these exhibitions  successful events within the art market, and we have had interest globally and exhibited many international artists.

I am constantly striving to improve my writing, as I believe one should better oneself in this field in order to communicate one’s ideas and theories in the best way possible. Consequently, I have been writing Short Fiction, Plays and Poetry, of which “A Speed-Date” and “Finding Love” have been published by the literary magazine Creature and Birkbeck’s Lamp and Owl; and my poems: “Lost Generation” “Roses and Lilies” and “Metropolis” have been published by the newspaper Concrete.

My goal is to work within the Creative Market including Art and Fashion. I will apply myself to the best of my abilities to succeed, and become an active, enthusiastic member of any organisation.