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Vanessa Beecroft The Art Star and the Sudanese Twins

posted 28 Oct 2011, 22:09 by Taymaz Valley   [ updated 7 Feb 2013, 15:49 ]

I just watched The Art Star and the Sudanese Twins featuring Vanessa Beecroft and her fake and pretentious effort to adopt two Sudanese children. Having studied her work prior and read some positive and inspiring reviews by some of the great art critics, I can now easily see how certain talentless, self-serving hacks worm their way through the Art scene by just creating a phony aura around themselves. O’ and how we the liberal minded fools succumb to their beguiling venomous charm and spend our time and money to buy them a big house, a nice car and a place in history.

Vanessa Beecroft time and time again managed to portray herself as one of the most narcissistic, falsifying, selfish creatures in the scene. From the numerous repositioning for the camera, to the helpless arguments with her own husband who accused her of following fame just like other celebrities who had adopted children from Africa, Vanessa manages to turn the viewer against herself with every move and degrade her work in the eyes of art lovers.

Not once in all her interviews she spoke of love for the children she was trying to adopt, and when confronted with the fact that she did not even take care of her own blood children and neglecting them by hiring a full time nanny she just dismissed it and turned it back on her poor husband. She openly admits being inspired by celebrities adopting African children and wanting the same for herself. Where is the integrity? Where is the morality? Where is the humanity?

I for one am glad she failed in her attempt, and I do hope the critics in the art world start to look closer at her so called conceptual work and stop following the waves of celebrity.