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Tuition Fee 2010

posted 3 Nov 2010, 08:52 by Taymaz Valley   [ updated 7 Feb 2013, 15:51 ]

Today the students of England are outraged as the plans by the government to increase the limit of University tuition fees to £9000 unravelled. These plans come as a particular shock because the Liberal Democrats all through their campaign earlier this year promised to abolish tuition fees all together. Again one is assured that all promises made by politicians are hollow and worthless once they grab power.

Throughout history leaders have managed to compromise their ethics and moral stance once they achieved the thrown so to speak. From Alexander the Great to Napoleon Bonaparte; from Stalin to Barack Obama; from Blair to Nick Clegg, they have all become nothing but idealists who ultimately lost what they had set to achieve. And who can blame them? After all man’s morals is as frail as his body, once hungry he will steal, lie, kill and betray his fellow man to feed himself. A few lies here and there; a few backtracking; a few scare tactics; a few publicity photo shoots with the latest celebrity and all is forgotten. Well, wrong my dear friends. History has a way of remembering the truth. You can write your own; you can pay others to say it out loud the way you wanted it; you can cry a river to wash away the blood yet you cannot wash those grievous lines away.

Tomorrow when that student who has to work two jobs and takes out a loan to pay for his education asks why our great country is worse off than others? You Mr Clegg and You Mr Cameron are the names that History shall vomit out from the depth of his stomach, and then none of your excuses and justifications for this betrayal shall be remembered.