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London Riots

posted 9 Aug 2011, 10:09 by Taymaz Valley

London was ablaze for three nights and most politicians were scratching their heads asking why? For most of the youth in London and indeed UK this was not unforeseen or unprovoked. The police shooting which took place in Tottenham was just the straw that broke the camel’s back.


It’s not fair to speak of police brutality because by no means the authorities in England are as bad as other countries; however for a country that prides itself in promoting democracy the police are very haphazard and bias when it comes to dealing with the members of the public specially the youth, especially after the terror attacks that shook the foundation of our society.


I myself have observed the metropolitan police officers stopping and searching youngsters at random with less than amicable attitude, swearing and threatening them should they make a wrong move. The number of Black and Asian people having their cameras confiscated because of fears of terrorism has become unbearable and the public knows this and more than any other group the youngsters feel threatened, abused, and mistreated in their own country, city and borough.


The coalition government which is fast becoming just a conservative government has excluded the young even more, and with the cutting of much of the public sector budgets the hardest hitting groups are those who are supporting the community and people from the poorer backgrounds.


To many of the people in UK this is just a beginning. Just a preview of what’s to come if the government doesn’t step in and amend the mistreatments of its citizens.