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Labour Party is in trouble

posted 12 Sept 2010, 03:39 by Taymaz Valley   [ updated 7 Feb 2013, 15:52 ]

Labour Party is in trouble, this is a simple fact. After losing the government this year, they have ascended into a frenzy trying to decide who will be their leader for the next elections, and that is by far the single most important decision Labour Party and Supporters must take in order to survive. The ideology of Labour or New Labour is fast becoming obsolete, and the blame game they have adapted to disrepute the Right is becoming too much for the wider public to stomach. All we seem to hear from the Labour candidates is how they are the solution for the current economical problems yet they were the party that allowed UK to suffer from the setbacks in the first place. They talk of change, yet they have the same old attitude. At the time when a coalition government has been formed to take us out of the recession, the Labour party wants to act like a single minded dictatorship. The next leader of the Labour Party should start by a big change in the blame game attitude, and indulge in some humility. In my honest opinion Labour Party from their policies to their basic name is fast becoming a thing of the past; and with the emergence of Liberals as the young vibrant party with experience in the leadership, Labour better watch out.