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Concordia Art Student Exhibition

posted 25 Mar 2012, 23:00 by Taymaz Valley
I attended the exhibition and as always is the case with student exhibitions, I was inspired and disheartened at the same time. The problem seems to be the burden of expectation which art schools put on the students’ shoulders. The students spend all their time at University being told to think outside the box, and disregard all their inhibitions and preconceived notions of what Art should be; and thus they produce works that have been done before with a new twist and new mediums. The power of image; the visual aspect of Art, and the freedom to experiment with already established mediums are altogether abandoned for pieces which only seek to shock the viewer’s notion of art and frankly are unsalable. Most of art students leaving University will end up giving it up, because they cannot survive with their so called conceptual works, so why are we forcing them to do so? Why can’t we talk about the beauty of Art once again, and allow the students to explore depth instead of dazzle?