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Canada Goose Store

posted 12 Dec 2011, 17:49 by Taymaz Valley   [ updated 7 Feb 2013, 15:48 ]

I’ve just been had by a website pretending to be approved by Canada Goose. is a fake site advertising on Facebook with discount offers. They commit fraud as easily as you and I drink water and self-serving websites like Facebook allow them to commit these crimes because they get a $ from every click they receive. I don’t know about you but something about this deal stinks to me.

Apart from a well-respected brand like Canada Goose refusing to sell its product from a secure online source, to another Brand like Facebook allowing these fraudsters to advertise for them, the whole online deception trend which dirty every aspect of human beings disgusts me to no end.

I refuse to ever wear Canada Goose, and from now on I will never ever ever click on any advertisement Facebook puts on my page.