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Liberal Democrats

posted 25 Apr 2010, 08:39 by Taymaz Valley   [ updated 7 Feb 2013, 15:54 ]

I’ve just voted for the first time in my life. As I see it, this general election has become one of the most important events of modern times. The world is changing and we need to change accordingly in order to prosper.

Labour Government in the UK for far too long has been leading politics of this country in the wrong direction. We have been forced into an illegal war which is seen by majority as being based on securing Oil interests instead of false pretences for spreading democracy in the middle-east. Someone has to be accountable for the secrets and lies practiced by labour government, and as much as I admire Gordon Brown and his notion of a better country, I cannot in all honestly vote for another term of Labour.

Conservatives led by David Cameron has been preaching change, yet it will not be change for the  better. They are still conservatives and by nature adhere to the same anti-society, racially bias, anti-gay doctrine that has been the cornerstone of their party; and no amount of sugar-coating will distract the British public from the fact that they are right wing elitists who work for the advantage of the richer half.

Nick Clegg has proven himself to be a qualified, enthusiastic, modern thinking leader, albeit for the Liberal Democrats. His bravery for admitting his atheism has to be praised in a world that fast becoming drunk on religious ideologies. His promise to reform the voting system in this country and abolishing tuition fees  is the key factor for winning votes, and I for one support him.